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Always good to get that first one

Whoever the opponent, whatever the circumstances, getting a win in the opening game is always significant.  
If the margin is slim or if the margin is wide, getting a win in the opening game is always significant. But a 48-0 win over a team ranked in the South Carolina Class A top 10?  
Obviously, that is always significant, but only time will tell how significant it is.
It was a beautiful night, albeit so hot that the heat was the lone detriment to the pregame ceremonies rededicating Kelly Memorial Stadium to Maj. Charles L Kelly during the 50th since his death.  
On hand acting as color guard and firing party were members of Charlie Company of the 2-3 Aviation Regiment, active duty Medics, Crew Chiefs, and Flight Dispatchers who serve in a modern version of Kelly’s 57th medical company. On hand were over 60 Vietnam veterans, many from surrounding counties. On hand was a very large home crowd out to witness the festivities, which began with the unveiling of a new Kelly monument outside the fences and continued inside the fences on the field during the pregame.  
By the way, on hand were almost no fans from John’s Island, S.C.
Then there was a football game to play and it was a football game that was all Screven County and no St. John’s.  
From the first offensive play of the game -- a 16-yard run by Tavarious Johnson -- to the last offensive play of the game -- an 11-yard scoring run by Bruce Smith -- the Roosters were stopped only by themselves.
Inside of those plays were 56 other snaps that totaled 411 total yards and six touchdowns. Here is an interesting stat -- SCHS quarterbacks took a total of eight snaps on their own side of midfield.
On the other side of the ball, the defense allowed a five-yard run on their first snap and a six-yard run on their last snap. In between, there were 34 other snaps totaling 58 yards. The Islanders crossed midfield only once, but never took a snap on that hallowed ground. On their first possession of the second half, they snapped from their own 48 third and three. That play crossed midfield and picked up a first down, but resulted in a fumble, recovered by the Gamecocks.
Shifting gears, the Lady Gamecock softball team is off to a surprisingly good start. Standing at 4-0 in 3AA after a10-2 win over visiting East Laurens on Tuesday, the team faces its toughest region test in two-time defending region champion Harlem on the road this Aug. 28 afternoon. In Harlem, not only do they face the best pitcher in the region, but also most players from the Class AA state runners-up from 2013.  
SCHS will finish its first round robin of region play on Tuesday when they host Metter. Get out and see some quality softball on Sept. 2.
Let’s start our weekly look around 3AA football.  
It was not a really good weekend for our region. All but East Laurens played this past week.  
That is noteworthy because this is a week earlier than is normally the opening date for most teams. For others, the reason may have been similar to ours -- Harlem assured everyone that they would not play a region schedule so folks already had their schedule made out. When Harlem decided to play everyone, previously scheduled games had to be moved around. You end up playing at strange times because of that.
Anyway, other than our own Gamecocks, only Metter claimed a win and that was 26-0 over Bryan County. Losses by 3AA came to a host of good football teams. Lee Chomskis’ Vidalia Indians pounded Swainsboro 42-6. Laney outlasted Dublin 22-13. Greenbrier trounced Harlem 34-0 and Thomson downed Jefferson County 26-13.
Oddly, we are the only 3AA team not playing this week.  
Burke County is at Jeffco; Swainsboro is at ECI; East Laurens hosts Taylor County; Dublin goes to Johnson County; Harlem hosts Grovetown, and Metter hosts Claxton.  

Burton Kemp Jr. is a contributing writer for the Sylvania Telephone.