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Opinion articles for Screven County and surrounding areas.

WARNING: Your media of choice may be tagged with a 'Boring' label

In lieu of packing up the gang in the van and trekking up to our state’s capital, I am forced to watch our South’s beloved Atlanta Braves on television instead of in person.

A visit to Turner Field is an enjoyable, quality family experience, but, honestly, it’s much cheaper sitting on the couch on the back of my front for a Bravos game.

Region title will come another year

Forget the one-sided loss to Dublin’s awesome and number one ranked Irish in Saturday night’s region title matchup, the 2008-09 SCHS Gamecock basketball team of Brent Anderson assured its place in local history alongside Harold Lee Scott’s 1988-89 region championship team last week. This edition of the Red and White may not make it to the Final Four and come within one shot of a state championship bout, but they will be remembered as the team that refused to quit believing in themselves.

$465 million federal funds lessens pressure on state

As the fifth week (the 21st Legislative Day) of Georgia’s legislative session comes to an end, numerous pieces of legislation were discussed.  Activity has picked up significantly as the budget requirements were made clearer with the addition of $465 million in federal funding for Medicaid.  This additional funding has taken some of the pressure off the Medicaid funding parts of the budget which have federally-mandated requirements.

Budget struggles

Like the majority of states across our nation, Georgia is experiencing an economic crisis and the House continues to struggle with budget decisions. We may have to take drastic steps in order to balance the budget including the difficult task of deciding what cuts will be made.


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