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We have the ‘X’ factor

“The X Factor” on Fox TV afforded individuals the opportunity to showcase their talents for a corps of judges and an in-studio and national broadcast audience. The “X” in the “X Factor” title referred to a profound “something” that makes the person or collective group a singing star.
Although it is not played out in front of television viewership, our community of Screven County has and will continue to go through its own economic development version of “The X Factor.” Monday’s groundbreaking of monumental importance for a $70 million yarn plant investment is clear evidence we have that highly sought after “X” factor.
And, yes, we had that “X” factor well before the ShriVallabh Pittie Group signed in October 2013 on a 70-acre investment in the Screven County Industrial Park to construct a 250-employee facility and before the July 7 groundbreaking with prominent guests from the Indian company and the Peach State’s Gov. Nathan Deal.
Prior to the first sampling of yarn after its January 2016 opening, numerous construction jobs will be created and then comes the 250 jobs inside the facility. Two hundred fifty jobs means 250 families. Those 250 families will need somewhere to live, eat meals, fuel up vehicles, and enjoy life’s multiplicity of amusements. All of those accommodations can be found in Screven County.
So what is our “X” factor? Do we sing? Not per se. Do we dance? Not per se. Do we juggle? Not per se.
When it comes to attracting business to our sector, the Screven County Development Authority, the city of Sylvania and the Screven County commission have been singing the praises of what we have to offer for years. At times admittedly, our singing on this front may have seemed more like a pitchy grammar school glee club going through puberty.
Fortunately for all of us our presentation got much better.
Here are the basics: In real estate terms, we have location, location, location. Sylvania sits half way between Augusta and Savannah and just over the river from the ever-growing Statesboro with its Georgia Southern University. The roadways are quality ones for tractor trailer transports to one of the busiest ports in the world in Savannah at the Georgia Ports Authority.
Well our “singing” clearly has improved. All the close-to-the-vest contacts between the Screven County Development Authority and potential new companies are not privy to the public to protect the entities involved. However, it is obvious that more project names like “Sunshine,” “Frisbee,” and the SV Pittie Textiles plant one “Turtle” are on the radar than they were in the early 2000s. That is attributed to a total team effort.
We may not have reached the Mormon Tabernacle Choir level with our economic development vocals, but our group definitely could belt a hearty “This Land Is Your Land” these days.
Dance? Our dancing, economically speaking, also has gotten more advanced. Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire caliber? Maybe not yet, but the SV Pittie Group has become quite a formable dance partner over the last nine months since Vinod Pittie, chairman of the ShriVallabh Pittie Group, signed a contract with our county.
And as for juggling, it is not considered actual juggling if you are only in the mix with one potential business. Real juggling involves multiple props. For economic development standards, all those project names are linked to businesses. Although having merely one on the list could led to super dividends, having multiple ones on that list intensifies the possibilities.
The businesses on the list at any given time could be a string of United States-based companies, or it could be a case of SV Pittie Textiles, one from India making Sylvania its first plant in America and first facility on the global market.
We have the “X” factor. It is you, your neighbors and this premier location in Southeast Georgia.
Maps have long since pinpointed its objective or treasure with a magnificent “X.”
The “X” marking the spot has been found and it is in Screven County. We are a treasure. The ShriVallabh Pittie Group recognized that and we are extremely appreciative.