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Football world better; softball readies for state

Football’s world seemed a lot better Saturday morning after diehard fans dried out from being outside in the Friday night elements, while those listening on the radio stayed tried to stay dry under shelter.
The gridiron Gamecocks dominated Harlem like they dominated Windsor Forest at Homecoming. There was never any doubt. Here’s to another good night on Oct. 9.
For softball, the state playoffs begin Wednesday no matter what. Will we be at home against the No. 3 seed from Region 2AA or on the road at the No. 2 seed from 2AA. Regardless, we will be playing Vidalia, Bryan County, Jeff Davis, or Bacon County.
After the Lady Gamecocks’ doubleheader loss to Harlem on Tuesday, it is a sure thing that this Oct. 8 afternoon’s game with Metter decides which of us finishes second and which of us finishes third. Be there at 5:00 to cheer the Red and White.
Speaking of softball, a few years ago a certain politician borrowed an old phrase and used it to apply to the state of some affairs in modern times -- “It takes a village to raise a child.”
Some folks scoffed.
Well sometimes it takes a village to get a very important softball game played. After all of the rain over the weekend, virtually no one expected Monday’s game with Dublin to be played. Our infield holds water like a small pond.
Enter some extremely energetic, hard-working, and resourceful parents (and brothers).
Using everything from blowers to fertilizer pumps, Ricky Canetto, Jerry Winters, Ronnie Gay, and Jake Gay along with some equally hardworking maintenance folks like Mike Dixon and Kirk Scott, the field was readied for play and the game came off.
Coach Billy Pollock also wanted to thank Principal Brian Scott and Coach Jim Randall Doyle for getting a tarp down on Friday to cover home plate and the pitching rubber.
This certainly made this week’s schedule easier to play the game.
Things went as expected in 3AA football last week though Dublin certainly hung with Jeffco longer than I, or anyone else, suspected as the final was 20-13. Swainsboro’s 41-12 win over East Laurens and our 41-0 win over Harlem were not unexpected. This week finds Jeffco (4-2, 2-0) at Metter (4-1, 1-0) in a battle of the last two region unbeatens. Harlem (2-4, 1-1) will go to the Shamrock Bowl to face Dublin (4-2, 0-2), and of course our Gamecocks (5-1, 1-1) host East Laurens (4-1, 0-1). Swainsboro (3-3, 1-1) is open.
We will find out about Metter, but Jeffco will go to 3-0 and will totally be in the driver’s seat for an unbeaten region slate, or at least the region title. Dublin will get its first region win and the Gamecocks will win and move alone into second place.
That is what we hope for anyway.
After the first week of gridiron play, who knows what is possible.
You may get the feeling I have discounted East Laurens and their 4-0 non-region slate, both in here and in the pregame story. The fact is, if they beat us we are in trouble. But let’s look at things. Their first four opponents, all Class A, are 4-17 right now. Ours, an A, a AA, a AAA, and a AAAA, are 6-17.
The people we have played are much tougher, no one would argue that. But you know what? At the end of the season, all of those games count as wins and, in no time at all, no one will remember who those wins were against. This time next year, no one will care who either of us played.
The GHSA paperwork on reclassification can finally begin soon. This year’s is anxiously being awaited. The official count FTE count was Tuesday. Obviously, we were out of school for Fall Break. The alternate date is next Tuesday, Oct. 13.
This new number, the number of students from outside of the county, is not a normal thing that is part of the FTE statistics. Schools will be responsible for those numbers themselves. We are going to be AA no matter what. There will be some interesting goings on when this process starts in Thomaston.
Just to throw it in -- the Falcons, of secondary importance to me, are 4-0 after Sunday. My Raiders, ever the disappointment for the past decade and a half, had a great chance to go to 3-1 against the pitiful Chicago Bears at Soldier Field. The Raiders managed to blow it and lose 22-20. I just figure that the ghost of The Snake is going to help out some this year. Maybe the wind off the lake reminded him of the frigid temps in Three Rivers Stadium.

Burton Kemp Jr. is a contributing writer for the Sylvania Telephone.