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New mom Dr. Peter returns to work

Dr. Sherma Peter at Optim Primary Care in Sylvania has come back after eight weeks maternity leave following the birth of her fraternal twin boys Jonathan and Jacob.
Peter was seeing patients Monday, marking the first time she’s been away from her boys.
“So (Monday) was really hectic but I’m really happy to be back,” she said. “I was actually looking forward to seeing my patients again, though it was really hard being away from my babies.”
Patients were seen by Adult Nurse Practitioner Jean Bailey during Peter’s leave, and Peter was thankful for Bailey’s help.
“I’m very thankful to Jean Bailey because while I was gone she was here in the office everyday taking care of my patients. I’ve only gotten really great feedback from my patients,” she said. “She spent a lot of time talking to them and just trying to fill my shoes I guess, and I think she was able to do that. She’s a great person, really knowledgeable nurse practitioner so I was really happy to have her. It made me feel better that she was here taking care of my patients.”
Peter said she has a new outlook on treating her patients, both young and old, now that she’s a mother of two.
“I had a lot of time to think while I was gone. I think I’m more – I’ve always considered myself compassionate and empathetic, but even more so towards the little ones,” Peter said. “I take care of little ones and elderly patients, but now I have a new perspective when parents come in and discuss with me their issues with their children. I had a few Monday. I think I’ll be learning from (the parents) as well.”
As for being back in the hectic schedule that is providing primary care, she thinks it’ll be no problem compared to two babies with different schedules.
“Well I don’t think anything can prepare you for being a mom, especially to twin boys,” Peter said. “They are actually not on the same schedule so it’s constant all day. I joke with my husband that work is actually easier than being at home with them, but I miss them.”
Everyone has been asking to see pictures of Jonathan and Jacob, so Peter has her phone with pictures ready to show patients if they request.
“All of (my patients) are very happy I’m back,” she said. “Everybody wants to see my baby pictures.”
Peter plans to stay in Sylvania, contrary to conspiracy theories of her leaving.
“I just want to thank the people of Sylvania, especially my patients for their support and love that they gave me. Continue to pray for us. And no I’m not leaving Sylvania,” she said while stifling a laugh. “I’m back, someone told me ‘They said you’re leaving!’ but I’m not.”
To schedule an appointment to be seen by Peter call Optim Primary Care – Screven at 912-564-2779.