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Another arrested for meth

For the third time within a week, another alleged methamphetamine manufacturer has been arrested by the Screven County Sheriff’s Office.
Last Thursday probation officers checked on Arnold Lee, 59, of 353 Shrine Club Road, and there was enough evidence to prompt those officers to call the sheriff’s office for a full investigation.
Investigator Michael Lacienski said Lee had three tanks used to hold anhydrous ammonia – two were empty and one had a small amount of the toxic chemical – along with other tell-tale signs of manufacturing meth such as cold packs busted open, beakers and tubing.
Lacienski said two rifles were also found, which Lee cannot own due to being a convicted felon. There is starting to be a trend in the busts, as more of them are resulting from probation/parole checks, he said.
“I think what we’ve seen is a trend with repeat offending,” he said. “Both the violators were on probation or parole for similar charges they’ve obtained recently.
“A lot of times when people get in trouble, get locked up for that stuff there’s a very high possibility that as soon as they get out and get comfortable they’ll resume their normal activities. It’s just part of the parole and probation officers doing their job and maintaining vigilance on their parolees and probationers. “
As for more methamphetamine being in the county, Lacienski said the county is at a natural disadvantage in fighting against people making meth as the county is large and rural, giving plenty of hiding space to those who want to do illegal activities, but he said the law enforcement agencies have been making an impact.
“I believe we’ve gotten them a little shaken up over the past couple of months with our proactive take on making methamphetamine,” Lacienski said. “A part of my primary function here is not only general investigations but trying to focus and put pressure on those out there that are involved with this kind of stuff.”
Lee has been charged with trafficking in methamphetamine, two possession of firearms by convicted felon, possession of marijuana <1 ounce, and possession of controlled substance (prescription pills).