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More advice for our graduates and this advice is crucial for all

Nolan Ryan, who recorded 5,714 strikeouts in his 20-year Major League Baseball career, was asked how hard it was for him to pitch seven no-hitters.
His response: “I also have 12 one-hitters, so I know what disappointment is. I’ve taken no-hitters into the ninth and lost them. Until you get all 27 outs, you haven’t accomplished anything.”
As I read Ryan’s comment over the Memorial Day weekend, I immediately saw how the statement could be representative of much more than only baseball. It certainly can be conveyed for life.
When the Class of 2014 of Screven County High School received their diplomas May 23 at Kelly Memorial Stadium – if I may borrow the premise of the legendary Hall of Famer’s quotation – those graduates accomplished a series of 14 individual years of 27 outs.
A phenom like Ryan – a certified hoss in sports genre – shouldered a lot on the mound. That many strikeouts and that many no-hitters and near no-hitters are mostly directed to Ryan and his world-class arm. However, he does not play the game by himself. He throws to a catcher. He is instructed by coaches. He has seven additional players behind him on the field to scoop up grounders and snag fly balls.
For Ryan, like other hard-working blessed athletes, it begins with the dedication of family and instruction of coaches during the early years. Those countless hours led into more years of even more countless hours.
While everything does start at home, it takes a community to raise a child. Many people are involved in the evolution of a person from Point “A” to Point “Z.” Yes, Points “G,” “J” and maybe “Q” may not lead them to the ultimate prize, but those “points” are not pointless. They serve as learning experiences. Some adults are not the best of influences and, yes, some youth choose to ignore quality advice. From time to time, the road less-traveled is actually a wooded, briar-infested rocky trail that hangs along the edge of a gigantic drop off into the valley of darkness without a reasonable safety net.
For the SCHS graduating class and, for that matter, anyone who seeks to better themselves, I provide you with two elements of advice that I hope you will adhere. The first does not require an excessive amount of wording, but it will have a tremendous impact on your lives. The second aspect will require further explanation, but will make your days on this earth also impactful.
The first element is obtain a personal relationship with Christ. It is easy to take things for granted, but for a moment visually review the environment around you. Breath-taking isn’t it? Start your day with prayer and conclude it with prayer. It will provide you a calming and insightful guidance to the world of perils and privileges.
And No. 2:
What you are about to read may seem harsh in a variety of ways. The truth sometimes can be painful.
One aspect we are missing most in our society is integrity. While it is true that people do have some of it, our number count is fleeting.
In my profession, you must have integrity. If you don’t have it or if people perceive you don’t, the public will quickly tell you that you are not up to par.
If “Bob” is arrested, then “Bob” will have his name published in the Sylvania Telephone. We check law enforcement reports each week. Several readers will see “Bob’s” name in the paper and dismiss it as the newspaper doing its job.
While that may be the case for some readers, others who are family or friends of “Bob” will view his arrest differently. A few of them may even say something to our newspaper staff to the effect of “Why did you put ‘Bob’ in the newspaper? ‘Bob’ is a good person.”
We publish the names of people in the newspaper who are charged with crimes. We also print names who are indicted for charges. And, yes, we do run names of individuals who are found guilty and not guilty of crimes.
In the newspapering business, we also have found that people have very short-term memories. One week the Telephone can publish a fine write-up or print a well-intended photograph of a family member and then, as it may happen, another family member is charged a few days later with a crime. That person’s alleged offense also will be published, sometimes to the dismay of the family.
That is why I have told many over the years that “I do not have friends. I have acquaintances because people can be happy with me and five minutes later that can change.”
What I can say about myself is “I am the same person I was 30 minutes ago. I have not changed.”
Hopefully, later on and it may be when I am dead and gone, certain individuals will respect me for doing this job with integrity. I already have had subtle discussions requesting that my wife put on my gravestone that “He died with his integrity.”
The recent SCHS graduates will each choose their own paths in life and all of those directions will involve the need for integrity, some for all the public to see and some for just private viewings. No matter what role you play in our society’s future, please retain your integrity.
Getting that next round of 27 outs will involve plenty of integrity. I strongly suggest walking with Christ in this endeavor. It will take teamwork.

Enoch Autry is the managing editor of the Sylvania Telephone.