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Man spits on five officers, head-butts another

A Screven County resident allegedly spit on four deputies and one jailer, in addition to allegedly head-butting his arresting officer Marcus Helms Tuesday evening.
The story began when the Screven County Sherriff’s Office received a call about an unwanted person at a residence in the south end of the county.
Daniel Edwards Oliver, 30, of 1082 Twin Oaks Road, was outside on the address’s porch area hitting the support beams and being generally disagreeable.
After Helms watched Oliver’s behavior, the deputy called in backup and attempted to place Oliver under arrest as he was a danger to those in the house and the public.
Helms reported the smell of alcohol emanating from Oliver and placed him in handcuffs.
It was then reportedly that Oliver head-butted Helms while resisting being taken into custody. Oliver allegedly spit on four responding deputies while resisting arrest.
When Oliver made it to the jail, he was searched and cocaine was found on his person in the booking area.
Part of the arrest procedure asks those to reveal any intoxicants or weapons before crossing the jail line, which Oliver said he did not have before crossing the guard line.
Oliver also reportedly spit on a jailer during his time in the booking office.
All officers involved are fine, including Helms from his reported head-butt.
Oliver racked up eight charges: possession of cocaine; three felony obstruction of officer charges; criminal damage to property 2nd degree; driving under the influence of drugs/alcohol; possession of alcohol/drugs/weapons by inmate; and criminal trespassing.