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Highlighting a new school year

School officials say the first days of the new year have gone well and they are are looking to continue that string.
“The 2014-2015 school year has gotten off to an excellent start,” said Superintendent William Bland. “The beginning of school is always exciting, with new faces and opportunities. We’ve had a few changes and additions to our staff and leadership teams that are working out very well.  
“Screven County Schools are special, and I am looking forward to everyone working together to guide each and every one of our students on a pathway to success,” Bland said.
Brett Warren is among the changes as he has been getting used to a younger group of students and more of them. Warren was transferred from the high school to the elementary school this year.
“Overall we had a good day.  Staff said it went very well, very smooth,” Warren said. “A few kinks to work out. I still have so much to learn. I have a new appreciation watching the machine (SCES) actually in operation.

“People ask me how it compares to the high school,” Warren said. “I think the high school is more intense, but the elementary school has so much going on every minute. The first day flew by. 
“We hope to fine tune the afternoon pickups a little. Our total time for pickup was 25 minutes which the staff said was typical for a first day,” he said. “We hope to cut that time down to the normal 16 to 18 minutes that a normal day takes. This is a very hard working group of people here. Teachers are hard at working going over procedures, routines, and expectations.
Warren implemented some morning and afternoon changes about allowing parents to walk their children to their classrooms.
The kindergarten to second grade halls had two weeks to walk the students at the start of the year, while the third through fifth were allotted two days.
Warren has tweaked the regulations some, but parents still will not be allowed to go down the hallways.
Warren said students are not allowed to go down the hallways until the 7:30 a.m. bell rings. They may stay in the lunchroom or the lobby. The next bell will be at 8 a.m. 
For Pre-k, they will go to gym and all parents will be allowed to escort to gym as needed. 
As for K-2, parent escorts are allowed the first 10 days of school. After 10 days, parents may escort students into lobby only. Going down the hallway requires permission and a pass -- could be clinic, class party, special occasions, and special circumstances only.
For 3-5, parent escorts allowed first two days of school. After two days, parents may escort student into lobby only. Going down the hallway requires permission and a pass.
For breakfast, parents are allowed to eat breakfast with a student after getting a pass. 
SCMS principal Bobby Costlow comes to the school system from being an assistant principal at Statesboro High School.
“Very smooth,” Costlow said of the start of the year. “Students were ready to learn and transitioned between classes well.  Grade assemblies were smooth and students listened well. A great first day for Screven Middle School.”
Brian Scott was transferred from the middle school to the high school principal role and he too was pleased.
“We had a great first day at Screven County High School,” Scott said. “Our teachers were ready for the students to get here, and even though they may not tell you, our students were excited to be back as well. Hopefully, we can carry on the positive and productive atmosphere from the first few days throughout the entire school year.”