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State’s retailers ready for sales tax holiday

Georgia retailers are getting ready for the sales tax holiday this weekend, as residents enjoy a tax break on computers, clothes and school supplies on Friday and Saturday.
The sales tax holiday applies to both the 4 percent state sales tax, and any local sales taxes – in most Georgia counties shoppers will save from 7 percent to 8 percent total in taxes.
In Screven County, shoppers can take advantage of 7 percent tax savings on the purchase of such items as “S” T-shirts or polos that adhere to the county’s dress code.
The tax holiday begins at 12:01 a.m. Aug. 1, and concludes at midnight Aug. 2. Many retailers say they will get an influx of shoppers looking for the tax break.
“Everyone loves a tax break. Georgia’s families enjoy the sales tax holiday, and retailers usually enjoy a nice increase in store traffic,” said Taylor Byrd, executive director of the Georgia Retail Association. “The increase in business is good for our economy, because it means more work hours and higher payrolls. Consumer spending is about 70 percent of our economy, so when retail is doing well it means everyone is doing well.”
While the August sales tax holidays are for savings on computers, clothes and school supplies, an October sales tax holidays will be for Energy Star and WaterSense products.