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Culprits get dirty

In the month of July there have been two dirt bikes stolen, one motorcycle stolen and an attempted dirt bike theft across the county. Screven County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the missing recreational vehicles, which seem to go missing around Christmas or the summer.
Investigator Michael Lacienski said there are many ways to keep your vehicles safe from thieves, including locking the vehicle in the house or a shed, chaining the vehicle to a secure spot on your property, and keeping track of the last time you saw the vehicle for a better timeline if it goes missing.
Timothy Kerson and Tyjae Whitehead were arrested July 4 for attempting to steal youth-model dirt bikes from a county resident’s property. The resident was vigilant in spotting two men wearing out-of-the-usual clothing, wandering around places they had never been seen before, and the individual reported the information to the sheriff’s office quickly.
An important aspect to remember when discovering an item or vehicle is missing from your home is contaminating the crime scene, Lacienski said. The victim should report the theft immediately and not disturb too much of the area as a foot print or fingerprint could be the key to getting the item back.
The sheriff’s office asks those with expensive or valuable items to keep a record of them – storing the VIN number, serial number, etc – and keep the items out of sight from the general public.
Lacienski also said keep an eye on who comes to gatherings like a party, and if you don’t know an individual be cautious as to why they’re actually attending the gathering.
To report a theft or suspicious activity in the county call the Screven County Sheriff’s Office at 912-564-2013. To report a theft or suspicious activity inside Sylvania city limits call the Sylvania Police Department at 912-564-2056.