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Back stabbing attempt

After getting a sandwich from McDonald’s and heading over to the mechanic’s garage behind the fast food restaurant to talk to a friend, a 41-year-old man was nearly stabbed in the back by another man.
In the Sylvania Police Department report made by Officer Norman Royal, Lindsey Rafael Roundtree, 31, of 156 Quail Hollow Road, came at the man with a butcher knife inside the garage.
“He stopped by to check things out and while looking in the trunk at the work being done, he heard someone faintly say, ‘LOOK OUT!’. (The man) looked up to find Raphael Roundtree taking a stab at him with a butcher knife,” the report states.
The man eluded Roundtree’s first stab attempt and made for the McDonald’s parking lot trying to escape. From there Roundtree gave chase until he decided it best to leave the scene and drove away in a vehicle.
Roundtree has been arrested and charged with aggravated assault for the July 18 incident that was reported on July 20 because the man “was so upset he just went home that evening and did not come to the Police Department.”