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Murray earns postal service promotion

Eleven-year member of the United States Postal Service Irving Murray was promoted to supervisor of customer service for the Sylvania Post Office. Murray’s title means more than it sounds – he has to sort all 11 routes, manage mail flow, and make sure deliveries are on time.
“We’re very fortunate to have someone like Irving here. Irving’s very dedicated to customer service, ensuring that customers receive their mail efficiently and timely,” Sylvania’s Postmaster John Bolton said. “He’s very focused on making sure carriers have what they need to get to the street and start their routes each day at the same time so customers can expect their mail delivery at the same time every day.”
Murray said the work that comes with the supervisor title is not something he cannot handle, as he’s been fulfilling the job’s duties off and on already.
“I’ve been doing it without the title probably off and on for the last eight years – in the absence of the postmaster or mostly on Saturdays when it’s his scheduled day off to a certain degree,” he said. “Now with the title I can do more things I could not do because of my job title then.”
Organizing, planning, sorting and managing are all things Murray said he enjoys.
“I like to plan; I like to organize; I pretty much like to have things lockstep – basically it’s so routine that you could probably come in here and do the job,” he said. “That’s planning and organizing.”
Bolton said the job requires more work than ever now with the USPS consolidating areas.
“It’s important to note that this position now requires more than ever compared to the past,” he said. “We have what we call remote managed offices that fall under Sylvania now. Sylvania is the administrative office over Newington, Rocky Ford, Girard, and come September, Sardis. Irving is responsible for ensuring we have coverage on those routes in other offices as well.”
What doesn’t Murray like about the job? Well, according to Bolton, it’s not work related.
“I think his least favorite part is going home,” Bolton said, chuckling at the thought of Murray’s wife reading that in the Sylvania Telephone.
“You can write it, I’ll prepare her for that,” Murray said. “I’ll tell her about the article.”
“Usually we’re standing out back in the dock in the evening ‘bout six, a quarter after six or so, and one of our wives will call and say, ‘Okay, ya’ll quit talking and get in the car and come home,’” Bolton said.
Murray and Bolton said they use that time to discuss went wrong with the day, what went right, what could be changed to make tomorrow’s deliveries better. It’s not uncommon to see more than 6,200 packages delivered in Screven County by the USPS, and Murray and Bolton pride themselves in trying to make sure those waiting at home get them efficiently and expectedly.
For now, Murray has 52 weeks worth of training to go through. He’s spent most of June in Jacksonville learning the additional systems and procedures that come with the job title.
Rest assured these post office employees are going to be discussing mail even after their work day ends, in spite of their wives.