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More jobs trending our way

The Georgia Department of Labor released its 2013 annual area labor profile of Screven and the surrounding counties in the area.
That report shows Screven County trending in the right direction toward a lower unemployment rate.
The Department of Labor includes Bulloch, Burke, Effingham, Jenkins and Screven into the “Screven area” and analyzes all of the employment numbers. The department found the region to have an unemployment rate of 8.9 percent. Georgia’s unemployment rate hovers just above 8 percent at 8.2 and the national unemployment rate is 7.4 percent.
Screven’s unemployment rate is 10.6 percent, which is higher than Bulloch (9.2 percent) and Effingham (6.7 percent). The trend of unemployment, however, is good news. Based on annual studies Screven County’s unemployment rate took off in 2007 and reached as high as 14 percent in 2009, since then the county has slowly shrunk its unemployed numbers.
Screven County’s labor force is listed at 6,853 people with 6,130 of those individuals employed. Only 723 are listed as unemployed.
“I’m proud of where we are,” said Dorie Bacon, executive director of the Screven County Development Authority. “We’re going to continue to work aggressively to make sure our current industries thrive and bring in new partners.”
An expected boost to the local employment is planned when construction begins on the Shrivallabh Pittie Group 250-job yarn plant  in the Screven County Industrial Park. The company from India is investing $70 million in the 70-acre parcel.
Bacon said Screven County is similar to other small, rural counties in Georgia. Bacon said the region, as a workforce, is strong and that will and has attracted interest in industrial prospects.
The Screven area labor force is listed at 79,592 people with 72,506 of those employed.
City of Sylvania Mayor Margaret Evans said this profile is good news to Screven and the surrounding counties as it helps show Sylvania has a viable workforce.
Evans said she also thought this would help people realize that the area has that many jobs.
The labor profile also details reported weekly wage numbers for different industry sectors. For instance in Screven County, goods-producing weekly wages are at an average of $755 and those in service-providing jobs average $508 weekly.
According to the list, accommodations and good services are the lowest weekly wage at $242; the highest was real estate and rental and leasing at $1,064.
The top 10 largest employers of 2013 included King America Finishing, Inc., Koyo Bearings USA, LLC, McDonalds, Wade Plantation, LLC, Wall Timber Products, Inc., Bi-Lo, LLC, Bazemore Service, Inc., and the Syl-View Health Care Center, Inc.