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Moats Supermarket will sell Piggly Wiggly items

Moats Supermarket will now have Piggly Wiggly Alabama Distribution Company products on their shelves.
The store elected to buy stock in the co-op distribution warehouse for the products at what, William Moats said he feels are a better value.
“I feel like our cost and prices will be less, but you’ll have to ask me six to eight months from now,” Moats said.
Nothing inside will change: the meat will still be high quality, the barbecue sandwiches will still be offered, the supermarket will still cash personal checks, Moats said.
If anything, the grocery store could get more products in – but Moats said shelf space is limited so they’ll have to squeeze them into the area.
Moats Supermarket has already had one truckload of Piggly Wiggly products come in, he said. The deal to join the co-op took place May 30.
Over the recent months, Sylvania has seen its share of changes.
Moats Supermarket decided to relinquish its ties to IGA earlier this year. Then Harvey’s was acquired in February to become KJ’s Market IGA, which opened under its new ownership May.
Piggly Wiggly now will be affliated with Moats. Ownership changes have not been made at Sylvania’s Bi-Lo.