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Getting more educated on those in charge

While the summer may be somewhat laid back for students, a lot of shifting and moving is happening in administrative positions in the Screven County School District as it readies for the 2014-2015 term.
The retirement announcement of Becky Martin as principal of Screven County Elementary created a vacant spot. When Brett Warren was tapped to switch from being the high school principal to handling the responsibilities of the elementary school principalship, that opened up a new vacancy at SCHS.
Brian Scott, a former assistant principal at the high school, will transition from being the middle school principal into the 2014-2015 high school principal.
Again that produces an unfilled position. This time it is for the middle school principal, a post that – as of the Sylvania Telephone’s press time -- remains vacant.
The school system has received applications and, according to an announced schedule, would conduct the remaining first round of interviews for the middle school job today, June 5. In a May 30 called school board meeting, Superintendent William Bland informed BOE members he may not be able to present a candidate’s recommendation to them by the June 9 regular monthly meeting because of the timeframe of the interview process. The recommendation may come days later.
Bland said once the applicants have been interviewed, a narrowed-down grouping of candidates will meet with a committee and school system personnel.  
Also in the May 30 called meeting, the BOE approved the promotion of Misty Duncan to assistant principal at the elementary school, where she has served as a fourth grade teacher for the last two years.
Duncan will be added to the administrative staffing at SCES as a third assistant principal, joining fellow assistants Vonncina Kirkland and Ryan Reddick. The third assistant position at the elementary school was dropped from the payroll during the district’s 2009-2010 year reduction in force as the system faced – like a majority of districts in Georgia – a financial crisis stemming from less state funding.  
Bland said the availability of more funds in the local budget and the new demands from state officials prompted the BOE to reopen the SCES assistant principal spot.
SCMS principal to SCHS
Scott goes back to the high school where he will serve as principal and as the SCHS athletic director. When Scott was previously at the high school, he also handled the role of AD. Upon Scott’s move to the middle school, SCHS principal Warren assumed the role of athletic director.
“I am excited to be returning to the high school,” Scott said. “Having been there before, I have a great respect for Mr. Warren and his staff. The high school has accomplished some great things in the past few years and hopefully the trend will continue.”
The most recent of those accomplishments was when the high school with its 82.5 score was 10.5 points above the state average for the College and Career Ready Performance Index, or CCRPI, which has replaced the No Child Left Behind Adequate Yearly Progress.
Scott served as the high school assistant principal for five years from 2007 to 2012. He has been the principal at the middle school for past two school years.
“Moving from the middle school to the high school has provided me with some insight on what the students work on instructionally before getting to high school,” Scott said. “The middle school teachers do a great job of building the foundation that students need to be successful in high school. Getting to know the students as middle school students and following them to the high school will be a huge benefit for me.”
The high school athletic director position involves overseeing coaches and each of their sports programs. It includes assisting coaches create their seasons’ schedules and lining up referees and umpires for the home contests. It also involves securing bus transportation to and from road games, while keeping a watch on the finances of the overall athletic program.

“The athletic director’s job is a huge undertaking, but fortunately, we have Terry Markovcic as the assistant athletic director,” said Scott of Markovcic, a SCHS physical education teacher who also is an assistant football coach and head soccer coach. “Terry does a great job of managing the ins and outs of the athletic department. We have a great coaching staff that always makes sure that our students are competitive and represent our school system in a positive light.”
Facing his own on-the-job learning experience as he changes from the high school to the elementary school, Warren said Scott is a dedicated administrator and Scott’s experience as the middle school principal and aid him in his move to the SCHS principal role.  
“He was all in,” Warren said of Scott’s time as a SCHS assistant principal. “He’s an extremely hard worker.”
Warren has offered Scott some advice about being the high school principal.
“Get as much input as you can, make a decision, and move forward. Don’t be afraid to say you were wrong if it doesn’t work out,” Warren said of his advice.   
Warren said right now he is splitting his time between the high school and elementary school.  
“I have my son’s baseball bag carrying my mobile office around,” Warren said. “The elementary school has so many more nooks and crannies to get used to. I had Mr. (Preston) Dees give me the power and utilities tour after hours so I’m starting to get my bearings. It’s going to be fun.”
“I am very excited about Brian returning to the high school as principal,” Bland said. “He is familiar with all aspects of running a high school and now with his experience at the middle school he will be even better able to vertically align the two curriculums.
“Probably the main difference in the two roles of assistant principal vs. now the principal role is that now Brian is the instructional leader of the school,” said the superintendent. “When Brian was the assistant principal, he was more involved in the day-to-day issues that arise such as discipline and operations. As principal, Brian will be more focused on the long-range planning and implementation of curriculum and instruction to enhance student achievement as being the instructional leader of the school. Brian joins a strong team of administrators already in place with Tracy Mills as the assistant principal of curriculum and Todd Wall as assistant principal and CTAE director. With this team, I am very confident they will continue to move the high school further along the road of successes.”
BOE in search of new SCMS principal
Bland said he contacted school board members by telephone before the May 30 called meeting to let them know of his recommendation of moving Scott from the middle school the high school. School board approval for a lateral move of principal to principal is not necessary. BOE approval is required for a personnel promotion or hiring. Bland made the school board members aware of the change so they would be updated on the status of the positions.
Letting the school board members know of Scott’s move also afforded the district the chance to start the application process for a new middle school principal.
Bland informed school board members last week that 22 individuals had applied for the SCMS job. He said plans are to narrow down that list to nine and then choose from two or three final candidates. Bland said the applicants include ones currently employed in the school district and others from outside the school system.
The superintendent said school officials would do a thorough search on the applicants that will include information found on a search of Google; a review of social media; and an analysis of their time at previous and current schools.   
According to the schedule announced by Bland, three candidates were to be interviewed May 30; three on Tuesday; and three today, June 5. From those nine, the total would be reduced to three and those three would meet with a committee of school officials.
A meet-and-greet with approximately 10 teachers would be scheduled for the next week. Bland said the visit with the teachers would not be an interview, but an opportunity to talk with candidates.
After those steps, Bland said he will bring a recommendation to the school board, but with the length of the interview process that choice may not be ready for introduction by the June 9 BOE meeting.
Duncan hired as SCES assistant principal
Thirty-two teaching and administrative positions were part of the reduction in force five years ago. Among those reductions was an elementary school assistant principal position.
Bland said the newly returned third assistant principal job that was awarded to Misty Duncan was brought back by the school board because of the new requirements from the state.
“There are tremendous demands on the administration,” Bland said. “We’ve always felt we needed (the third assistant principal position).”
The elementary school has seven grades that go from prek to fifth. The elementary school has approximately 400 more students than at the high school and 500 more than the middle school.
“I am absolutely thrilled to have been chosen to serve as assistant principal at SCES,” Duncan said. “Our school is a wonderful place, full of amazing people dedicated to the children of Screven County. Mrs. Martin and her staff have created a learning environment that feels more like family than a school. I know that Mr. Warren will continue that as he takes the lead at SCES.  
“I am so excited to be a part of an experienced leadership team focused on school improvement, providing the very best education for our students, and one that will value the teachers and their hard work, creativity and dedication,” Duncan said. “My time here as a teacher has been so wonderful. I was fortunate to be teaching fourth grade, and I have loved every minute with my former team. They are absolutely the best around.”
Duncan, the spouse of SCHS head football coach Ron Duncan, has completed her second year of teaching in the Screven County Schools System.
“As a the wife of a football coach, I have had opportunities to teach in many districts and grade levels, from kindergarten to middle school, in both South Carolina and Georgia,” Duncan said.
Before the Duncans moved to Sylvania, Mrs. Duncan served as a graduation coach and Title I coordinator at Elbert County Comprehensive High School as she assisted school administrators.  
“That job included many responsibilities that prepared me well for the assistant principal position: I worked collaboratively with administrators, faculty, support staff, parents, our social worker, guidance and the alternative school program to coordinate resources that would help students succeed,” Duncan said. “I learned so much from my time at the high school and know that those experiences will serve me well in the future. Our family loves Screven County, and knew when we moved here that this is the place we would like to stay. Becoming an administrator has been a personal goal for quite some time, and to have that opportunity here is such a blessing. It is an honor to have been chosen and supported by Mr. Bland, Mr. Warren, our school board, Mrs. Martin, Mrs. Kirkland and Mr. Reddick and the staff at SCES. I know that I am surrounded by educators that want the best for our children, and 2014-2015 is going to be a fantastic school year.”