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Wooten has perfect 'appearance'

It sometimes is not easy making it through a month of schooling without picking up a sickness bug from a classmate.
It is even more impressive if a student can get through a full year of school without missing a day.
But what about a student who has achieved perfect attendance for 14 consecutive years, dating back to pre-k?
Now that truly is amazing.
Pamelabeth Wooten will have completed such a feat of healthiness Friday night when she joins her 140 classmates as part of the Screven County High School Class of 2014. The ceremony will start at 8 p.m. at Kelly Memorial Stadium.
Wooten will graduate with honors as being ranked as No. 4 in her graduating class.
Her illnesses, however, have occurred around school days.
Wooten has been sick on weekends, but not during the school week.
Being smart when it comes to germs plays a role in not missing school days, but so does a lot of praying.
Wooten’s mother Beth, a Screven County Elementary School kindergarten teacher, said she asks for blessings on her children.
“I prayed my kids would all be healthy,” said Beth Wooten, who herself had perfect attendance for eight years from fifth grade until high school graduation.
“I have had allergies during school, but not enough to stay home sick,” Wooten said.
She hasn’t had a fever, which too would keep her out of school.
Wooten injured her knee at tennis practice, but insisted the wound be sewn up that day so she could return to class the next day. She came to school on crutches with her knee in a brace.
“If she dedicates herself to something, she follows through,” said Beth Wooten of her daughter, a softball and tennis player who also performed in the concert band.
Pamelabeth Wooten would even get a 6:45 a.m. or 4:45 p.m. appointment with the dentist to have her braces removed from her teeth to keep her perfect attendance in tact.
Wooten’s 14 years is impressive, but her siblings are doing rather well too.
Her sister Leighann is a rising junior in high school with 12 years perfect attendance.
Her younger brother Luke, a rising seventh grader, has eight years perfect attendance.
“The Lord just has blessed us,” said Beth Wooten. “You never know what the day will hold.”