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Our new K9 deputy has arrived

The Screven County Sheriff’s Office has a narcotic detecting dog thanks to a donation from American Canine, a company that specializes in training and employing dogs with handlers to various agencies.
Bersi, the dog, is a Belgium Shepherd and was last in Afghanistan before American Canine de-activated the dog from service due to conflicts oversees downsizing. His handler will be a past SCSO deputy and a handler for American Canine in Afghanistan and Iraq, Ken Kelley.
K9-1 is already on the streets and has helped with at least one arrest already. Sgt. Brett Dickerson said Bersi and Kelley were already certified due to their previous employment but will continue training “above and beyond” Georgia requirements.
The dog understands German and Dutch commands. Bersi will only be a narcotic detection dog and will not be a “patrol dog” which is used to take down fleeing suspects, Dickerson said. The dog is certified for at least five drugs, the main narcotics in Screven County Bersi will come across are likely marijuana, methamphetamine and cocaine.
Dogs trained by American Canine can be bomb sniffing, narcotic detecting, and can even smell out bedbugs.