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From missing wallet to police chase

On May 12 Officer Matthew Petrea was at Bi Lo collecting evidence from a counterfeit $20 bill used by a customer. The bill was taken into evidence and Petrea went back to the Sylvania Police Department.
After purchasing several items at Bi Lo, Shaporscheah Howard, 23, of 82 Woody Yard Lane, Brooklet, accidentally left her wallet on her car’s exterior and drove away. A man in the parking lot tried to wave down Howard but had no luck so he scooped up the wallet and took it to the Sylvania Police Department for them to return it to the rightful owner.
Once the wallet was at the police department, Sgt. Shane Burke attempted to find the owner but uncovered two different identification cards. He did find a Roses Express receipt that had used $20 in cash for some snacks dated the same day.
Burke went to Roses and was flagged down by a woman in the Bi Lo parking lot who asked if there had been any wallets turned into the police. Burke said there had been and asked the woman to wait in the Roses parking lot to make sure the wallet belonged to her. Officer Petrea was also at the scene.
Once inside the store Burke asked if Roses Express had received any counterfeit money and the clerk responded with a “yes.”
From there both officers observed the woman in the parking lot accelerate through the parking spots at a high rate of speed. They gave chase down Highway 21 and onto Twin Oaks Road. Petrea observed a child in the back seat and the officers responded to the information accordingly, giving the woman space to avoid an accident.
She went up to 105 miles per hour, slowed down to avoid slamming into a pedestrian vehicle and crashed at the end of Twin Oaks Road, going airborne and landing across Farmdale Road in the ditch. The driver was unbuckling the young child and Burke advised her to put her hands on her head while Petrea secured the child.
The woman driving was Howard. The under-a-year-old child was checked by EMS and did not have any serious injuries. Burke reported he smelled marijuana emanating from Howard’s vehicle and read her implied consent rules for taking a blood sample, which she agreed to.
Once Howard was at the Screven County Sheriff’s Office she refused the test.
Roses Express staff was able to identify Howard as giving them the counterfeit bill and both bills from the stores had the same serial numbers on them. The exact change from Roses and Bi Lo was found in Howard’s wallet.
Howard racked up a total of 13 counts due to her offenses. She was cited and arrested for reckless driving, failure to stop at stop sign, failure to maintain lane, fleeing or attempting to elude police, speeding, expired drivers license, theft by deception, counterfeit money, driving under the influence of drugs, child endangerment, and reckless conduct.