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Development Authority renews Bacon’s contract

Screven County Development Authority Executive Director Dorie Bacon has had her contract renewed for three more years after an executive session Tuesday morning.
Bacon has been a boon to the county’s ongoing efforts to attract industries.
During the regularly scheduled meeting and Director’s report, Bacon said a request for information has been submitted for a “Project Delight” and would work in the future on projects Delight and Ross.
The meeting also revealed final version of the county’s strategic plan has been delivered to each board member, but the Telephone could not obtain a copy as it contained proprietary information regarding target industries.
A memorandum of understanding (MoU) has been approved by the authority regarding the SV Pittie Textiles USA industrial plant for them to break ground in a timely matter. The group was originally worried about title bonds related to the land, something common internationally, Bacon said.
The process, which is unique to Georgia as it’s the only state with a clause in its constitution making bonds for title in order to pass on land to a prospect, was sorted out and SVP has a “comfort level” with it.
The EB-5 (immigrant investor program) then had questions over the process, which could have caused delays. The SV Pittie Textiles USA wants exclusive rights to the site while the MoU is in effect so the project can break ground on time. The authority’s lawyer looked over it and the board approved it, satisfying all those involved.
The IDA also approved the beginning of a Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment of the Sylvania Yarn Building, which will identify the “potential environmental concerns at the site that may be discerned by visual observation and by standard information gathering procedures.”
Thomas & Hutton Engineering Co. of Savannah, Ga. will be conducting the first phase study at the cost of $4,800 plus $500 in reimbursables. The authority has worked with the company before.