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5K raises $14,000 for cancer victim

The community showed their support for Wray Owens, a local 3-year-old girl, who had to have part of her leg amputated due to what doctors believe is Spindle Cell Sarcoma by raising more than $14,000 for her and her family’s medical bills.
“We’re just, honestly, just humbled,” Andy Owens, Wray’s father, said. “It’s one of the most gratifying things that we could ever experience. We’re truly blessed and fortunate to live in the community we live in.”
Wray’s chemotherapy treatments started in October, but after the cancer continued to stay in her leg they decided amputating below the knee was the best option, Owens said. She had part of her leg amputated Dec. 19 and the family was home for Christmas Eve.
Those who know Wray say she hasn’t been slowed down and continues to walk as best she can.
“Well Wray is only three years old,” Owens said. “As far as she is concerned it ain’t no big deal to her.”
Event Planner Stacy Mathis said a 5k was held inside Sylvania’s city limits and 183 runners took part in the fundraiser. All types of people, from the marathon athletes to the local high school 4-H team, came to show their support for Wray Owens.
Christie and Andy Owens make the drive to Gainesville, Florida for Wray’s appointments, and this Wednesday she was measured for a prosthetic leg, and she will likely receive the prosthetic in the coming weeks.
“5k for Wray” began near Dr. Morgan’s office, went through Sylvania’s neighborhoods and came to a stop at the Cail Community Center. Luke Boswell was the first place overall finisher, and after he completed the race and received a medal, he gave it to Wray.
More than 45 sponsors helped put the event together, Mathis said.
“All I can say is how fortunate we are, how blessed we are to be loved and cared about by so many people in our community,” Andy Owens said. “We are just grateful. The whole process has been an overwhelming experience for us.”