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Phil Hudgins

An encouraging word can do wonders for the mind of a child

My grandson Alex, then 7 years old, had insisted that we sit and rest a few minutes after a couple of hours of intense touring of the Fernbank Museum of Natural History in Atlanta. Maybe it was I who insisted we sit down.
Everybody else in the family was at the Fox Theater, seeing a Christmastime performance of the famous Radio City Rockettes of New York City. They were watching beautiful girls kick up their long legs in perfect synchronization. Alex and I were looking at dinosaur parts.

Looking back over years of do-it-myself jobs and frustration

People who can fix and build things with ease are a mystery to me.
My granddaddy, Papa Hudgins, built his own house, his own outhouse, his own chicken house, his own car house, his own smokehouse and his own barn, and all six were still standing decades later.
I didn’t inherit any of Papa’s good genes (although I do have a pair of his overalls). It took me three days to build a rabbit hutch. Trying to do it myself has been frustrating at times:

Advice to guys who’ll soon be fathers: Watch Mother all the time

As I sit here with my coffee, protected from the cold and snow that, as expected, caused a run on bread and milk at the stores, secure in the warm conviction that I have learned a little something from life’s mistakes, I have decided to write an advice column. And, being the father of two daughters and grandfather of three girls and one boy, I can’t think of a better place to start than fatherhood.


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